The Waggon Beer Garden is back!
The Waggon Beer Garden is back!

Sunshine and pints.
Sunshine and pints.

Quality accommodation.
Quality accommodation.

The Waggon Beer Garden is back!
The Waggon Beer Garden is back!



This week looks like it will start off cold, wet and windy and then improve toward the weekend. 

Based on the current forecast, our provisional opening hours for the week commencing Monday 3rd May:

Monday; CLOSED.

Tuesday; CLOSED.

Wednesday; 4-9.30pm.

Thursday 4-9.30pm.

Friday 4-9.30pm.

Saturday 3-9.30pm.

Sunday 3-8pm.

We will confirm these hours on Wednesday 5th when the forecast is a little more certain.

We don't have much in the way of protection from the elements so we can only open when the weather allows. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this unusual period.


Any weather related adjustments to these opening hours will be notified ASAP here and on our Twitter feed (@WaggonYork). 

Our operations are still subject to a great many government rules & restrictions. Please help us to operate as safely and efficiently as we can by being kind, patient and understanding during this period.


For more information on the Covid mitigation measures in place, please visit our "Covid FAQs" page. 

We very much look forward to seeing you. If you could all do a little Sundance each morning that might be helpful.

#CaskIsBack #NaZdravie #ThankYouAll 







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