April opening FAQ's. . .


Q1. Great, you're open again! Can I sit at the bar?

A1. Not yet, at this stage it is table service only indoors and outdoors.


Q2. I've got loads of friends, how many people can I sit with?

A2. Six people from any household or any number of people from two households can sit and socialise at a table together indoors, groups of up to 30 people are permitted outdoors but must still be seated and served drinks at their tables. 

Q3. Do we still have to order a Scotch Egg in order to have a drink?

A3. No, thankfully that nonsense has been done away with.

Q4. Are there toilet facilities available for use?

A4. Yes, the indoor toilet facilities are available for use but you must wear a mask when moving around the pub indoors. 

Q5. Do I need to wear a mask?

A5. You will need to wear your mask when you arrive at the Waggon and until you are seated. You will also need to wear it when you leave your table to visit the toilets. You do not need to wear a mask while you are seated at your table or at any time while you are outdoors in the beer garden. Mask wearing is legally required but is subject to medical exemptions 

Q6. Is it card payment only?

A6. No, we can still take cash, but it would be enormously helpful if you could pay by contactless card.

Q7. Do we pay as we go or can we set up a tab and pay when we leave?

A7. You pay as you go, we do not have the facility to manage tabs. 

Q8. Do we still have to scan a QR code on the NHS App or sign in? 

A8. Yes, this is one of the most important changes to the rules. ALL GUESTS must scan the NHS Track and Trace venue QR code or sign in by providing full written contact details. York City Council has made it very clear that they expect us to check this diligently and to refuse service to anyone who does not scan or sign in. 

Q9. Are you doing those fantastically good value takeaway containers of cask beer again?

A9. Yes, #WaggonFlaggons are back. Takeaway cask beer is available in 2, 4 and 8 pint containers at a cost of just £2.50 per pint. Free containers are available or a branded, reusable Waggon Flaggon will set you back a mere fiver.

Q10. How many cask beers will you have on? 

A10. We will have 5 or six cask ales on at most times Oakham Citra will be on permanently (if we can get enough of it) and we will rotate through guest casks from Bad Seed, Roosters, Rat, Ossett and others as we go. For up to date info see our Twitter feed @WaggonYork

Q11. Sounds like a lot of rules and faffing about. Will it still be fun?

A11. Don't be such a negative nelly, of course it will be fun. Get your drinking shoes polished and let's get on with it.